Problem using Directory.GetFiles(...)

Hi group !

I simply use this code :

string[] CabFiles = Directory.GetFiles(@"\SomeDir");

foreach(string cab in CabFiles)
if(Path.GetExtension(cab).ToLower() != "cab")

// Do extract of the cab

In this directory i have an .exe file and 2 .cab files.
this code give me only 2 string in the CabFiles variable (instead of
the first is the name of the .exe (no problem)
the second is : "\\SomeDir\\514c36bf-c13e-4091-a3a7-1e56627b20d"
my two cab files have readable name like and

I don't understand this problem. First i get 2 filenames instead of
three, then i get incorrect file name (seems like a guid).

any idea ?