Re: how to write a program which is able to survive after a hard reset in mobile device

This can also be achieved by flash memory + some special post-boot
procedures if your device supports it. For example I develop for symbol
MC50, MC70, MC9000, VC5090 devices and all have a special built-in
flash volume, which persists the hard reset or clean boot (on WM5) and
the OS launches some predefined applications from the flash volume on
hr/clean boot. I'm succesfully using this approach for one of our
customer's system to reinstall all neccessary applications and
libraries after HR...


sunnyy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello, I am researching the possibility of write a program which won't
be earsed after a hard reset in mobile device.
Can anyone point me a direction or give some advice? is it possilbe to
do this using .net compact framework? or it can only be done in OS

Thanks in advance