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Authenticating is not the problem.

Is there a way to provide the authentication credentials without the user
having to type in the username/password. My app would have the credentials
in a db, but how can I pass those to the external site so that the pop-up for
credential does not show up and the user is taken to the post-authentication

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I have an external site that needs windows based authentication.

I want users of my site to log into that site with our entering
username and password.

Is there a way I can embed username and password to the http request
so that user do not get the popup asking for username ans password,
rather they would just land to the post-authenticated page.

To avoid the windows popup, a user has to be on the domain. Now, if all
of your external users can VPN into the system, then they can avoid the
windows popup. If not, there is really nothing you can do, as there is
no way for them to be completely external and a member of the domain.
This means they will have to authenticate with the domain to get in.

NOTE: When I say domain here, the same is true for a domainless web
server, although in this case the user is not a member of the web server
(ie, not logged directly into the web server). This is a rare occurance,
so domain is more likely.

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