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Hi Greg. Thanks for the response.

Yes, I want the user to do nothing. Is there a modal dialog "object" as part
of AJAX?

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I have a web app that accepts credit card payments.

I want to use AJAX to do an asynchronous post to the server and process
the payment. I am using the UpdateProgress control to show a progress

Two questions:

1) If the user clicks the button more twice will the payment be processed
twice? I performed a test where I just added text to a lable in the same
UpdatePanel as the button and the text did not "double up" when I clicked
the Submit button twice. So it "seems" as though the payment wouldn't be
process twice. And,

There are a couple of ways to avoid this. One is to set up, as part of
your asynch request, a "code" (GUID is fine) that is sent with the
request. You can avoid double bumps by storing the "code" when the user
clicks the button the first time. You then check for status of that code
prior to running the payment.

I would use the disable as well as this, just in case.

2) Is there a way to "Lock" the screen so that the user can't click the
Submit button more than once (in the event that my assumption in #1 is

AJAX allows you to use a modal dialog. You can bring it down when the
asynch return is complete. You can also disable the button on click, which
is a bit easier. It depends on whether you want the user to be able to do
nothing or not.

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