Re: Ajax for Credit Card Processing

On Mar 29, 3:17 am, "milop" <mi...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a web app that accepts credit card payments.

I want to use AJAX to do an asynchronous post to the server and process the
payment. I am using the UpdateProgress control to show a progress indicator.

Two questions:

1) If the user clicks the button more twice will the payment be processed
twice? I performed a test where I just added text to a lable in the same
UpdatePanel as the button and the text did not "double up" when I clicked
the Submit button twice. So it "seems" as though the payment wouldn't be
process twice. And,

What processing service do you use? I think upon clicking the button
you will get redirected to the payment page to make the payment
(entering data). In this case it wouldn't be process twice in any case.