Re: IIS Problems in Vista

I would have thought that VS 2005 would communicate with IIS without them.

It does.

Take it from the horse's mouth :


A few of the big improvements that we think developers will like:
No More FrontPage Server Extension Requirement

Unlike previous releases of Visual Studio, VS 2005 no longer requires developers to use
or have FPSE (FrontPage Server Extensions) installed in order to create or build web projects.

You can now browse, create, and open local IIS applications and vdirs without FPSE on the box
(instead we now have support for VS 2005 to directly use the IIS Metabase configuration store to
attach and identify sites/apps/vdirs and associated physical path bindings).

You can also edit and open web projects directly off of the file-system, or access them remotely over FTP.

FPSE is still fully supported for those who want it. But if you are in the camp that doesn?t want it
(which based on feedback is 95%+ of you), your _vti_ directories will be a thing of the past.

Also, ?Copy Web? supports FTP when copying your web to a remote server.
You can also use FTP after publishing your website to a local folder.


Juan T. Llibre, MVP faq :
foros de, en español :
"Scott M." <s-mar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ugjChK7yHHA.1208@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I guess my point was that since MS is phasing out FP (and the server extensions), I would have thought that VS 2005
would communicate with IIS without them.

"Mark Fitzpatrick" <markfitz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:urHR$36yHHA.748@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes as it has nothing to do with VS. VS 2002,3,5 all use the FP Server extensions to talk to the web server to create
a site on localhost. VS isn't doing the work here, the FP Server extensions are as they're the interface used to
talk to the web server, no way around it. Without the FP Server Extensions, VS knows it can only use the File Share

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft FrontPage MVP 199?-2006. 2007 and beyond

"Scott M." <s-mar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O41DMzyyHHA.988@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Is this true for VS 2005? Even VS 2003 allowed you to choose FrontPage Server Extensions OR File Share.

"Mark Fitzpatrick" <markfitz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23iEWHuwyHHA.6028@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
VS uses the FrontPage Server Extensions to communitate with the web server. The FP Server Extensions aren't
compatible with IIS 7. There's a beta version (over at somewhere) but I
haven't tried it. Because there aren't any FP Server Extensions to communicate with, VS can't talk to localhost and
thus has to create a web via the file system. You may find this adventageous though as you could place your new
webs anywhere on your computer and simply create a virtual directory in IIS to point to them. Makes backups a lot
easier if you can keep all your project files in a nice neat location instead of scattered around places like my
documents and the inetpub directories.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft FrontPage MVP 199?-2006. 2007 and beyond

"David Hearn" <David.Hearn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uPgfGgwyHHA.4824@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I just moved to Vista and added IIS. Everything that I see indicates that IIS is running as it should be. However,
when I open up VS2005 and try to create a new website, only filesystem is available. The option for creating a site
on localhost is not available (greyed out). Anyone know why?

Thanks in advance!