Re: This message has been blocked for your safety

but I am not getting this problem when sending to yahoo address?!! it only shows when sending to hotmail? any parameters I should set in order to make the email trusted?

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AFAIK this message is not produced by the DOTNET framework but by a third party product that blocks the message you try to send for some reason.. In this message you have a "Learn more" link that you could click to see why this third party software choosed to block this transmission.

So for now it looks like to me this is not at all related to a programming issue but to a third party software (firewall, antivirus ?)

Or is this that your mail provider replaced the screenshot by a message of its own ;-) - Generally just reproducing the text should be enough. The message I see is the "This message has been blocked for your safety"" whih is not a DOTNET message...


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can you please expian what do you mean?

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Have you tried to click on "Learn more" ???!!!

It looks like you are using a software (not sure if this is a server side
firewall software or if you try to read the message in a client) that
consider this as a potential threat. IMO your best is to look for support
at this third party product site as it looks like this issue is not
related to .NET...


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I am getting this message when sending using System.Net.Mail... I have
attached the print screen and here is the complete code:

NetworkCredential network_credential = new
NetworkCredential("info@xxxxxxxxxx", "xxxxxx");
MailMessage mail_message = new MailMessage();
// SmtpClient smtp_client = new SmtpClient("localhost");
SmtpClient smtp_client = new
smtp_client.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
smtp_client.Port = 25;
smtp_client.Credentials = network_credential;

string html_message = null;

html_message = "<html>";
html_message += "<head>";
html_message += "<meta http-equiv=Content-Type
content='text/html; charset=windows-1252'>";
html_message += "</head>";
html_message += "<body>";
html_message += "Thank you for registering with
and welcome to the world of free classifieds. We hope you will enjoy
our website.";
html_message += "<br>";
html_message += "<br><br>";
html_message += " Team";
html_message += "</body>";
html_message += "</html>";

mail_message.From = new MailAddress("info@xxxxxxxxxx",
// mail_message.Priority = MailPriority.High;
mail_message.IsBodyHtml = true;
mail_message.Subject = "welcome to";
mail_message.Body = html_message;

mail_message.DeliveryNotificationOptions =