Re: Confused about modifying password strength requirements in ASP.NET 2.0.

Thanks Juan,

That brings me a little bit closer to understanding, but I am still
confused. I added the code that you gave me to the web.config file.

I am still getting a result that I don't understand. As an experiment
I have the following Page_Load event in one of my pages.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
MembershipUserCollection mine = Membership.GetAllUsers();
foreach (MembershipUser myUser in mine)
Response.Write(myUser.UserName + "<br />");

After I added the code that you suggested into the web.config file
this event produced no output. So as an experiment I created another
user and loaded the page again. This time I got output - the user that
I had just added. Then I had a look at the contents of the
aspnet_Users table in the ASPNETDB.MDF database and found that the
user I had just added was there with all the other users that I had in
there before. If all the users are stored in the same place, why does
the Membership.GetAllUser() method return a collection with only the
user that I added after I edited the web.config file. I had a look at
the data in some of the other tables in ASPNETDB.MDF database to see
if there was a field that gave the GetAllUsers() method the info it
needed to differentiate between users that I had added before editing
web.config and those I added after but I could not find anything. I
must be missing knowledge of some fundamental Membership concept that
is causing my confusion.