Re: can i change the size of a file dynamically

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can i change the size of a file dynamically ?
for example have 100 Kb and i want to decrease it to 20 Kb
thanksthanks mike
is it for image file ?
i am a little amateur about image
can i change an image file size when it will shown by image control
may the main image file size have no change and only in image control
is decreased
thanks- Hide quoted text -- Show quoted text -i want to change the quality
i can change the height and and width of it but the file size is same

You should check EncoderParameters Class (System.Drawing.Imaging),
which you can use when you create a new image.

You need to create a new Bitmap from the original image and set all
parameters you need. There is no way to set the size of the file of
target Bitmap and you have to play with resolution and quality

Sample code (VB):

Dim SourceBitmap As Drawing.Bitmap = New Bitmap(imageSrc)
Dim TargetBitmap As Drawing.Bitmap = New Bitmap(imageHeight,

' To set resolution 72 dpi

Const res As Single = 72
TargetBitmap.SetResolution(res, res)

Dim objGraphics As Drawing.Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(TargetBitmap)

Dim objEncoder As Imaging.EncoderParameters

objGraphics.CompositingQuality = Drawing2D.CompositingQuality.Default
objGraphics.InterpolationMode =

' Take a look MSDN for CompositingQuality and InterpolationMode -
there are many other settings

Dim recCompression As Rectangle = New Rectangle(0, 0, imageHeight,
objGraphics.DrawImage(objSourceBitmap, recCompression)

objEncoder = New Imaging.EncoderParameters(2)

' Tell it to be "Encoder.Quality" with the desired iJPGQuality
objEncoder.Param(0) = New
Imaging.EncoderParameter(Imaging.Encoder.Quality, 85) ' 100 - quality
objEncoder.Param(1) = New
Imaging.EncoderValue.ColorTypeCMYK) ' 100 - quality 0..100

I would also recommend to look for more samples