Re: Generic Development/Production Question

+1 for CVS, or better yet, Subversion.

If you need to run code bases in parallel, you can create a branch, but
you can merge changes from one branch to another, so bugfixes etc. can
be easily shared.

On Jan 13, 4:00 am, "Robbe Morris [C# MVP]" <joeb...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
With VSS 6.0, it was typical to branch the code after
each production release and store it separately from
the "working version".

If you need to change production code, you
had to make it in two different places.

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Right, we still use VSS 6.0d or whatever the version number is. How does
that come into effect here? We don't want to roll it back? Are you
saying have two different applications entirely? That would necessitate
two different names obviously. Can you give an archaic design diagram?

"bruce barker" <nos...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
you should be using some sort of source control software. if you don't
have vss or team studio look at the open source cvs (see

-- bruce (

James wrote:
Say I have a project that I have hosted locally. I have a separate
machine which is our production environment. To do our deploys, we've
been copying/pasting the folder from our local machines and overwriting
the production folder(s) after backing them up. This works ok. Both
folders have the same name. Now, say we're weeks into
developing/redesigning a portion of the website. Client requests a
change to the production site. We can't roll out our development code as
it's unfinished. We need to make a change to the production site.

How can I run these two code bases in parallel, locally? Is this even
possible? Right now the best I can come up with is to backup my
development code in some other location, place the production code in
the local folder, rebuild and pray that paths don't cross. It just
feels very very kludgy. I'm hoping I'm missing something (or many
things) entirely. Seems very likely. For the record, we're still using

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