RE: Compiler Error Message: BC30807: 'Let' and 'Set' assignment st

Thank you so much to provide me so much information. It's really helpful.
Actually the code is from another person, I just cut and pasted into the
question and didn't even noticed she used .aspx extension.
Also I did see the screenshot you provided in outlook.(in my visual studio software) my company use lotus notes.
I just cannot imagine that you are so detailed which I really need it and
always provide different solutions.

"Steven Cheng[MSFT]" wrote:

Hello Betty,

From your description, I understand when you running an aspx page which
contains code to create and use "CDONT" component, you're getting the
following error:

Compiler Error Message: BC30807: 'Let' and 'Set' assignment statements are
no longer supported.

Based on my research, this error is a typical error when we try using some
set/let VBscript code(usually used in ASP page) in ASP.NET page(VB.NET),

#'Let' and 'Set' assignment statements are no longer supported

As you mentioned that this is a classic ASP page, why did you use aspx as
the extension, if you use ASPX as extension, IIS6(on windows 2003 server)
will always process it through ASP.NET runtime engine.

If this does be a classic ASP page, you need to change it back to .asp
extension. And you're right that ASP is disabled by default on windows2003
iis6, you can enable it in the "Web Service Extensions" setting in the
IIS6's management console. I've attached a screenshot on the "Web Service
Extensions" setting for ASP in this message. (You can get it if you're
using Outlook express to visit the newsgroup, please let me know if you can
not get it).

If the page is ASP.NET page, you can consider using the .net framework's
built-in SMTP components to send email:

** if the page is an ASP.NET 1.1 page, you can use the System.Web.Mail

#System.Web.Mail Namespace

** if the page is an ASP.NET 2.0 page, you can use the enchanced
System.Net.Mail components:

#System.Net.Mail Namespace

In addition, the following faq sites are also very good:

Hope this helps.


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead


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