Re: Jeez... how do I even start ????

From: Juan T. Llibre (
Date: 01/19/05

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 16:17:47 -0400


if the machinename was fiddled with, the resolution
by way of fixing it would probably be long/difficult.

There's many configuration setings which depend on
the machinename and the local administrator account.

Trying to identify/fix them all will be a nightmare.

What I'd recommend at this point is a reinstall of
the OS and IIS/.NET Framework/ASP.NET.

Starting out fresh will save you a lot of headaches,
and assure you of a standard installation in which you
can do what you want to do : code, a lot more easily.

best regards,

Juan T. Llibre
"Mike" <> wrote in message
> Well, I do thank you for replying....
> For starters, this machine isn't mine, its my companies. As such, its
> gotten passed around. In a small company, networks, etc get changed.
> Somewhere
> along the line, my machine name got changed.
> When I would start IIS from the Administrative tools, the old machine
> name
> would be listed, but I could "connect" to it to expand the "Web sites" -
> "Default web site"
> portions of the IIS mmc snap-in. I could "connect" to the new machine
> name,
> though. Then I could expand the "Web sites" - "Default web site" portions.
> After closing
> IIS snap-in and re-opening it, everything would be reverted and I would
> have
> to do the whole process over. Anyway, that caused my decision to
> uninstall/re-install IIS.
> I do not think that itself is a major ordeal.
> After reading msdn article 306005, I ran the aspnet_regiis.exe and
> regsvr32'ed the aspnet_isapi.all. Still no luck.
> Upon futher google'ing, I found many other posts that described my same
> situation, with the same resolution as described in the msdn article, so
> I attributed a certain amount of trust to the scenarios these people
> described. A lot of these other posts also mentioned the ASPNET user. All
> the things
> I did with the ASPNET user were educated guesses I made. They can be
> easily
> backed out. And they obviously did not solve my problem.
> Being a computer professional for the last 20 years (you probably don't
> believe that) I have found out the quickest way to figuring out the
> WHY of things, is to know the HOW. From that, I can figure out the WHYs.
> If
> anyone "in the know" would go into the why(s), thats fine with me, but
> I would not ask someone to devote that much time to my problem. In my
> participation in the newsgroups, when I would answer a question as to how
> to do something, I have always made the assumption that if the author was
> savvy enough to get to newsgroups, they would be able to figure out the
> why's
> of my answer, if not they could feel free to ask that also.
> I have been developing and c# apps for the last year or so
> (VB,C,C++
> apps for years before that), but have just now come accross the need to
> develop
> a web application. I understand the architecture, etc, but the devil is in
> the details. My particular detail in this case, is just getting started.
> As far as what I want to do, I want to run IIS on my laptop (XP Pro, SP1)
> and develop a proof of concept ASP.NET application using or C#.
> When I open, I do a New -> Project -> VB.NET or C# ASP.NET Web
> application. When I first tried I would get errors of how did not
> think
> the web server was running on this machine. That is when I looked at the
> snap-in and discovered the machine name differences, hence paragraph 2.
> After
> that, would produce different errors, that ended up pointing me to
> msdn 306005, hence paragraph 3.
> All-in-all, here I sit. I have no existing web pages yet, because I
> cannot
> even create my first one. Hopefully that will give you the history of my
> ordeal. That latest error that
> I am receiving when I try to open a ASP.NET Web Application is as
> follows....
> The Web server reported the following error when attempting to create or
> open the Web project located at the following URL:
> htp://localhost/WebApplication1'.
> 'HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error'
> Any further assistance would be appreciated
> Mike
> "Kevin Spencer" <> wrote in message
> news:%233eg5Ol$EHA.3592@TK2MSFTNGP09.phx.gbl...
>> > I don't have much hair left, I don't want to pull out the rest of
>> > it.....Did
>> > I miss a step ?
>> You didn't miss a step. You DID do a lot of things that are completely
>> unnecessary. Hard to tell at this point what your situation is.
>> However, your situation brings a principle to mind that would help you
>> and
>> many others who come here after thoroughly entangling themselves with one
>> tar baby or another.
>> There are 2 basic questions one can ask about programming: HOW, and WHY.
>> Most people are too impatient to bother with WHY. They just want someone
> to
>> tell them HOW to do x, y, or z. This can be disastrous, especially when
>> Googling. After all, there is no Internet rule that people responding to
>> a
>> question, or publishing some information, that the information has to be
>> true. There is no standards organization that polices the Internet and
> tells
>> people who don't know what they're talking about to keep quiet. So, HOW
>> is
>> at best a temporary fix to a temporary problem, and at worst, a complete
>> fabrication.
>> The good news is, if you bother to teach yourself the WHY of what you
> learn,
>> you will find that HOW can be easily derived from the answer. HOW is
> derived
>> from WHY. WHY is NOT derived from HOW.
>> Now, what makes me think you're one of those people? You've listed a long
>> list of "what I have done." You don't at any point express any WHY to it,
>> only that some web site you Googled told you to. WHY did you uninstall
> IIS?
>> WHY did you rename the existing inetpub directory? WHY did you start the
>> Distributed Transaction Coordinator? WHY did you reinstall IIS? WHY did
> you
>> regsvr32 the ASP ISAPI DLL?
>> Now WHY am I saying this? Well, to begin with, the operations I just
>> reiterated to you are completely unnecessary, and I honestly don't know
> what
>> the cumulative effect of all of those operations is going to be. In other
>> words, you are now completely entangled with the tar baby.
>> The funny part is (funny "hmmm" not funny "ha-ha") that the reason people
>> skip the WHY is impatience. Ironically, these people inevitably spend
>> MORE TIME straightening themselves out than they would have if they had
>> taken time up front to study and figure out the WHY of what they were
> doing.
>> Now, as to WHY you've received an HTTP 500 server error, well, that's
> almost
>> impossible to tell from what you've described. The 500 server error
>> indicates that something went wrong with the ISAPI doing the processing
>> of
>> the resource. It could be something as simple as a code error in your
> page.
>> It could be almost anything.
>> So, what exactly do you want to do?
>> --
>> HTH,
>> Kevin Spencer
>> Microsoft MVP
>> .Net Developer
>> Neither a follower nor a lender be.
>> "Mike" <> wrote in message
>> > So, I've been trying to do "MyFirstVBWebApp" and I am hitting numerous
>> > roadblocks. After much google'ing, here is what I have done
>> >
>> > (XP Pro SP1, IIS 5.1)
>> > 1. Uninstalled IIS
>> > 2. renamed the existing inetpub directory
>> > 3. Started the Distributed Transaction Coordinator
>> > 4. Reinstall IIS
>> > 5. regsvr32 (v1.1.4322)\aspnet_isapi.dll
>> > 6. (v1.1.4322)\aspnet_regiis -i
>> > 7. Control Panel - User Accounts - (Advanced tab ) Advanced ... User
>> > has
>> > checked - User cannot change password
>> > checked - Password never expires
>> > unchecked - Account is disabled
>> > disabled - Account is locked out
>> > 8. Inetpub - Properties - Security tab - added ASP.NET machine account
>> > (Read&Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, Write)
>> > 9. wwwroot - Properties - Security tab - added ASP.NET machine account
>> > (Read&Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, Write)
>> >
>> > I then start VS.NET - New - Project -> Visual Basic Projects - ASP.NET
> Web
>> > Application with a location http://localhost/MyFirstVBWebApp\
>> > I get the infamous "The Web server reported the following error when
>> > attempting to create or open the Web project located at the following
>> > :
>> > http/localhost/MyFirstWebApp
>> > HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error'
>> >
>> > I don't have much hair left, I don't want to pull out the rest of
>> > it.....Did
>> > I miss a step ?
>> >
>> > Any insight ?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Mike
>> >
>> >
>> >