Re: contacting secure webservice behind loadbalancer

Hello Steven,

Thank you for your suggestions in your previous message,
after whe tried the first suggestion, the following error occured:

Microsoft.Web.Services2.Addressing.AddressingFault: Destination
Unreachable ---> System.Exception: WSE816: The <To> header must match the
value of an incoming message's HTTP Request Url if the soap receiver does
not have an actor name. The <To> header received contained
"https://website/service.asmx"; while the HTTP Request Url was

We solved this issue by setting the SoapActor hardcoded like

SoapActor("https://website/service.asmx";)> _
Public Class Service1

This solved the problem.

Now the only issue is that the hardcoded soapactor isn't a pretty solution,
and the soapactor requires a static value..

Thank you very much.


Tyhrstan van den Berg

"Steven Cheng[MSFT]" <stcheng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Tyhrstan,

Have you got any progress on this issue? Due to the complexity of this
issue, it may require further troubleshooting, if you feel this an urgent
issue and need further assistance, I suggest you contact CSS and open a
regular support incident on this:


Steven Cheng

Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead

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