Re: Rebind data source in GridView

You need to update the datasource and then bind it again, and it will show
you the correct values...

sub btnOne_Click( ...


end sub

if this isn't working that because you are not updating the DataSource at

Bruno Alexandre
(a Portuguese in Denmark)

"Andrei Varanovich" <Andrei_Varanovich@xxxxxxxx> escreveu na mensagem
Hello all!

I have a button on a form alongside a GridView with ObjectDataSource, and
the effect of the button need to be the modifying the underlying database
(it changes some cells' values in the objects being displayed by the

How can I rebind the data in code? For now I see that simple call like
GridView1.DataBind() in button click event handler doesn't make any
effects on the page.

Thanks in advance!