Re: ItemCreated question

I've been able to do most of what I want to do without having to use
ItemCreated. Since I am just massaging the data in the grid on each
postback, I have been able to do that outside of the data grid's event

But now I want to update a column total value in the footer. On a postback,
I calculate the new total and set the column's FooterText property. But it
never gets displayed. I guess that it has to be set in the ItemCreated (or
ItemDataBound) but as I said, I'm not re-binding the grid to anything.

Is there a way to force an ItemCreated event to occur?

"Teemu Keiski" <joteke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> first of all, it depends a lot what you do in ItemCreated based on that
> value. But, to respond that quite common way to pass this is to rebind the
> grid entirely when something impacting on it changes.
> Sure, I thuink that setting the hidden field in client-script probably
> works in your scenario, but is there anything else involved in the
> ItemCreated?
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> Teemu Keiski
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> "BobU" <buva@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> I've got a data grid that uses viewstate to maintain its state between
>> posts. I also have a button outside of the data grid which, when clicked,
>> in its server-side click event handler, sets a mode value (in viewstate)
>> that I want the data grid's ItemCreated handler to act on. However, the
>> ItemCreated event occurs before the button click event so it doesn't have
>> the correct mode value.
>> I've thought that I could set the mode value in a hidden field in
>> client-side script whenever the button is clicked, and the data grid's
>> ItemCreated event should then get the correct value. Is that the best way
>> to handle this type of communication?
>> Bob