Re: ANN: Query A Dataset Beta Download

"Adrian Moore" <queryadataset@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> For anyone who might have visited the web site before or anyone needing
> a full SQL query engine against a ADO.NET DataSet, you might be

It does look interesting - but..
" QueryADataSet can be used in back-end web servers for querying cached
DataSets for presentation."

ADO.NET datasets are *horribly* inefficient. I use them only for transport
and databindings as with small datasets the inefficiency is neglible. But to
use them as you suggest, it would be MUCH more efficient to create storage or
temporary tables in a local cache DB and fetch it from there unless you have
minimal data, in which case you would not need to query it...

I think your idea is an interesting one, but because of the inefficiencies of
the ADO.NET dataset its not useful in the server. It could be useful in
clients, but then again anything of queriable size it would be better to use
a local DB. MSDE can be an installation issue, but there are DBs liek
embedded Firebird which require no installation, just a DLL and an ADO.NET
assembly for the .NET provider.

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