Re: Memory leak in IWBemConfigRefresher::AddEnum running in Windows XP

Thanks for your detailed reply, however we also want to know how you determinate it is a memory leak(what symptom you saw to determine the issue of memory leak), do you use any tools or setup environment to test, we would like set up same environment to investigate it...
We have seen it looking at the values of Virtual Memory Usage (VM Usage) and Mem Usage in the Windows task manager. After compiling the sample code we sent you, when executing the program the memory usage increases and continues growing. Running the the same program in Windows 2000 the memory usage was not increasing.

This program was compiled using Visual C++ 6.0 SP4. We tested the program in several PCs running Windows XP SP2 (English version).

Were you unable to reproduce the problem using the source code we sent you?

Let us know if you need more information.


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