what does wmiprvse.exe do?

From: Michael M. (MichaelM_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 11/19/04

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 14:09:03 -0800

Can anyone share some information with me about the wmiprvse.exe process. I
understand that WMI providers are loaded into this host process, but I would
like a little more detail on what happens once they are loaded. I have an
issue with an application I wrote that monitors information on a hardware
device, where wmiprvse.exe starts using more and more memory to run. I
noticed this when I was watching wmiprvse.exe in the process list of Windows
Task Manager. I suspect that the application, which refreshes data in the
program every few seconds from information in WMI, is possibly overburdening
this process and that there may be a cleaner way to accomplish my goal. I am
currently using WMIProv as the provider for the application so I think by
default it loads into wmiprvse.exe. I am not sure if this would work but I
have contemplated making a decoupled provider for my application. Maybe the
application needs to handle the life of it's provider instead of
wmiprvse.exe. Anyone have any experience with this can you please share with
me. This is my first time up against this issue. I made a post in this group
two days ago with the subject "wmiprvse.exe memory usage". In that post I
pasted a sample of logs from wbemcore.log, wmiprov.log and provss.log hoping
that someone may be able to help interpret them. If I understood better what
goes on in that process I may see a solution to the memory leak.

Thanks in advance.
Michael M.