Re: How to programmatically clear "Wait for dial tone before dialing"?

Also you can try "ATX0". That should perform a blind dial and not wait for
dial tone.
You can set each modem to set this on startup by configuring the modem in
'start', settings, control panel, modems, ... , properties, connection tab,
advanced button, extra settings, add the ATX0.

"Bob Day" <xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks so much, Matthias and Grant, for your speedy replies. I thought
the setting must be in the registry somewhere, but the registry is vast!
info gives me a fighting chance of finding it. A broader question
to me though -- perhaps I should have asked it first: I'm trying to write
program for my voice modem that will allow it to join an already ongoing
conversation on my telephone line and to record the conversation.

I have found that if I manually uncheck the "Wait for dial tone before
checkbox in Device Manager and use a telephone number string consisting of
just a comma (","), the modem connects -- I get
LINECALLSTATE_CONNECTED in my line callback function -- and the
program records the conversation nicely. If, however, I don't uncheck the
"Wait for dial tone before dialing" checkbox before running my program,

I'm pretty much a beginner at TAPI and now I'm wondering whether doing
the equivalent of unchecking the "Wait for dial tone before dialing"
and using "," for a dial string is the best way to make the modem join a
currently ongoing call, or is there a better, simpler, perhaps more
way of doing it?

-- Bob Day

"Matthias Moetje [MVP]" <moetje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

in addition to Grant's reply: In order to change the setting permanently,
you can also modify the entry in the registry. Modem settings are
stored at


I don't know in which value the "Wait for Dialtone" setting is stored
but you may use a registry diff tool if you don't find it...

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"Bob Day" <xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In the modem properties dialog box in Device Manager,
there is a checkbox labelled "Wait for dial tone before dialing".
Is there any way, programmatically, to enable or disable
"Wait for dial tone before dialing"?

-- Bob Day