Re: read office files using ole32.dll

Hi Michael,
I dont see any clsid values when viewed from DFVIEW.exe.

Here is my condition
I have a doc file like this

-doc //embedded attachment
------todo_sql.txt //inside zip file
------W.doc //inside zip file

when i dump the content of "ole10native" not "contents" then it adds
extra bytes to the header.
the string added is

" c:\ c:\" PK

I added the embedded object(zip) to doc file from c drive and it shows
the same, dont know why?
If i added it from else where it shows the respetive path.

I know first 6 bytes are garbage but i dont know how many byte should
i skip.
Is there any way i can find out how many bytes to skip so that it
starts with Header signature of the file.

take care