Re: QoS : Traffic control API failure

Hi Olivier,
Nice to hear from you! :)

I want to confirm whether or not you have the reskit. If so, you could try
to install and run TcMon from the reskit. This brings up a GUI. Then please
select the NIC which you are using (in the drop-down list at the top), then
click on the Parameters tab. Check "Link Speed", "Non-best-effort limit"
and "Remaining bandwidth" numbers reported there. Link Speed should be
12500000 bytes/sec for 100Mbps NIC, and the other two should read 10000000
If not, something is misconfigured. If you has some special filter drivers
installed (e.g., NDIS filter driver) then try uninstalling those. You can
view these via Network Connections folder by right-clicking on the adapter
and selecting "Properties".

Thanks for your understanding!

Best Regards,

Terry Fei [MSFT]
Microsoft Community Support
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