Re: Regarding time resolution in microsecond

"Rajat" <Rajat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> Could any body point out, how to get time in microsecond precision. As if
> use, timeBeginPeriod(1) also it will provide a resolution of 1
> 1000 microsecond). Is there any way to get this resolution of 1
> or atleast
> 20 microsecond.
> Any pointer will be help full.
> Thanks in advance.

QueryPerformanceCounter often gives sub-microsecond accuracies. You need to
call QueryPerformanceFrequency to get the exact value of the timing
interval. Start at

If your interest is in timing of code, then look at "How To Use
QueryPerformanceCounter to Time Code" at

or "How To: Time Managed Code Using QueryPerformanceCounter and
QueryPerformanceFrequency" at