Re: Obtaining info from an USB-device using DeviceIoControl

Hello Pavel,

There is also a smaller USB sample on developer site -
search there for "DisplayUSB.cpp sample" or DUSBVC.PDF.

I've found a PDF as the first-displayed Google link as well as a .c version
here :


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Is there a possibility I can look into that sourcecode *without* loading
MByte, burning it to a CD or DVD and than (most likely) have to install

There is also a smaller USB sample on developer site -
search there for "DisplayUSB.cpp sample" or DUSBVC.PDF.
( email me if you can't find it, or have hard time extracting the code
the PDF ).

When I connect a new USB-device to my Windows-machine it directly tells
which kind of device has been attached. I've unable to find out how it
does that, and would like a hint to that too.

It reads the device class (=type) and name from the device descriptors.
Later when the driver is installed, the name from the INF overrides that



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