Re: Disabling Serial Ballpoint Mouse when GPS connected

Is this Garman, Pharos, Tom Tom or other (as in you manufactor)? Is this a
common occurance when this GPS is installed?

My question is why this device is reporting itself as a Mouse pointer, and
my first thought is that the HW ID information in the INF is not setup
correctly to identify the device. What is the ClassName and Class GUID for
the device? Perhaps someone used an existing INF file for a mouse and forgot
to change things to GPS, or whatever.

The personal opinion of
Gary G. Little

"RichardB" <RichardB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Doron,
> Thanks for the reply.
> This partially works. If I disable the drivers as you suggested then it
> stops auto-installing the serial mouse driver - good.
> However XP still recognizes it as a mouse device of some form and brings
> up
> the 'found new hardware' Wizard requesting the driver for the new mouse. I
> can't have this happen in front of the customer unfortunately. What I
> really
> want is to stop XP detecting this is a mouse of any type; after all it's a
> GPS device not a mouse.
> When I connect the GPS device it correctly detects it's a Serial port and
> automatically installs the USB to Serial drivers without any user
> interaction. This is fine and I want this to continue to happen. The
> system
> then continues and (I guess) looks at the Serial ports to see what is
> connected to the serial port and to see if it's a mouse. This second part
> I
> don't want to happen.
> It was suggested that I restrict user rights to disallow the user from
> installing devices, but this would mean that the USB to Serial drivers
> wouldn't get installed and my program wouldn't get access to my GPS port
> at
> all.
> Does anyone know what part of XP looks at serial ports and decides (based
> on
> the data coming into the port) if it's a mouse or not?
> Thanks
> --
> Richard
> "Doron Holan [MS]" wrote:
>> you could try setting sermouse's start type to disabled (0x4), that will
>> stop the driver from loading.
>> d
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>> "RichardB" <RichardB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:BCC15ABE-04E1-4239-91BC-FBC2F98F61BF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >I need to find a way of disabling the auto installation of mouse pointer
>> > drivers in Windows XP, specifically the "Microsoft Serial Ballpoint"
>> > mouse
>> > but other Microsoft mouse pointer give problems too. I am having
>> > problems
>> > of
>> > the mouse pointer jumping all over the screen whenever a GPS device is
>> > connected.
>> >
>> > I have seen this problem posted before but all suggested solution make
>> > use
>> > of either disabling the device in device manager or setting
>> > SkipEnumeration
>> > key in the registry. Both of these solution only work AFTER the problem
>> > has
>> > occurred: i.e. after the system has incorrectly detected that the new
>> > hardware is a "Microsoft Serial Ballpoint" mouse or similar and
>> > installed
>> > the
>> > driver thus making the mouse pointer jump all over the screen. Remedial
>> > action (disabling in device manager or registry changes) is then
>> > required.
>> >
>> > Unfortunately this is not suitable for my situation. The system I have
>> > relies on the end user (customer) connecting a USB GPS devices
>> > themselves.
>> > The user can install the GPS device in one of many USB ports connected
>> > to
>> > the
>> > system and could use a USB hub. The device will also change USB port as
>> > it
>> > is
>> > connected and disconnected regularly, not always returning to the same
>> > USB
>> > port. A different USB port will be seen by XP as a different (and New)
>> > device
>> > and therefore new drivers will be installed even if a previous
>> > Ballpoint
>> > Mouse driver has been disabled in Device Manager.
>> >
>> > The system in question is a tablet system and therefore touchscreen
>> > only
>> > so
>> > options like disabling in Device Manager are very difficult.
>> >
>> > I am therefore looking for a way of disabling the automatic detection
>> > of
>> > mouse pointers. The ports should simply be recognized as RS232 Serial
>> > Com
>> > ports, nothing more. Automatic detection of mouse pointers is not
>> > required
>> > on
>> > this system.
>> >
>> > Is there anything that can be done to the .inf file
>> > (C:\WINDOWS\inf\msmouse.inf) which lists the Ballpoint mouse device to
>> > stop
>> > it from automatically installing?
>> > Or is it possible to remove completely the driver (sounds a bit
>> > excessive!!).
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> > --
>> > Richard


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