Re: Process notification

As you see from prev. posts there is no obsolute user mode solution on how
to be notified when process is created. Your implementation is easy, but
not efficent. It's not even reliable, because some process may be started
and then immidiatly terminated - your "monitoring loop" may not detect it.

Hooking CreateProcessA(W) in kernel mode (SDT hooking) will allow you to
avoid things described above.


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>> btw, this topic has already been discussed recently
> se_frm/thread/68fc37443ce9e956/aaaa763b42cc6b47#aaaa763b42cc6b47
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>> Vladimir
> Thank you.
> I read them, but the solutions and my solution in my program, need a loop
> for continue monitoring.
> I´d like to use the message loop of the Windows for this.
> I think the system has something in the Explorer like this ...
> Leugi