Re: Are DirectX Media Objects the way to go?

DMO is not a replacement for VFW, DirectShow is. DMO is only
a replacement for VCM/ICM codecs so, unless you port the
whole application to DS or you create your own VFW-like
framework that uses DMOs, there is no advantage in using
DMOs (which do not even work in VFW).

The application has already been converted to DirectShow (using the
GMFBridge interface), but I'm finding myself jumping through hoops to
get DirectShow to do what I need.

I'm not really looking for a replacement for VFW. I am looking for a
new interface that allows me to control the video playback, similar to
VFW. DirectShow, doesn't allow enough control, from my experiences.
From what I've been able to gather, DMOs allow you to call into them
to decompress a frame, which would work for me.