Re: Writing File Header

dshow82@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Yep, i want to write the header information in my custom
format. And also i need to know whether the header
writing stuffs is to be included

in my MUX or else in my File Writer Filter. I tried to
get information about how to write the header information
after i finish writing my actual data to a file. but not
succeeded. ihave read some documents regarding this, but
i am totally confused with writing chunks, indices etc..

Since i am a new bee, i like to know a step by step
procedure to do this, if i get any URL references would
be helpful.

What about looking at the sample I already pointed you to,
that is the WavDest sample?

Or reading the FileWriter documentation: <<<The file writer
filter uses the input stream's time stamps as file offsets
and provides random access to the file. It supports IStream
to allow reading and writing the file header after the graph
is stopped. To improve performance it also supports
unbuffered overlapped writes and handles the corresponding
buffer negotiation.>>>.

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