Re: The VMR-9 cannot be connectted

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 03:51:01 -0700, Kimi wrote:

>> Are you using Connect or ConnectDirect?
> I use "m_pGraph->ConnectDirect(pVideoOut, pVMRIn, NULL); "
>> What does the (program produced) graph look like if you open it as a
>> 'remote graph' in graph edit.
> I am sure that the graph is correct.
>> Are you sure you are adding VMR 9 to the GraphEdit graph?
> Yes, I render a media file, and delete the Video Renderer, and add VMR9 and
> connect it with decoder.
> BTW: the same program will work fine on English version of Windows XP SP2.

I'd like to suggest you try Connect.

Simple reason isn that the video card may have different characteristics on
the Japenese than the ENglish machine.

I presume both are SP2?

And even if you are SURE that the graph is correct, it is worth while

Iain Downs (DirectShow MVP)
Software Product Consultant