Re: Placing a model over video (webcam captured)

On Oct 1, 2:52 pm, caio1985 <profissio...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everybody,

I'm developing a mixed reality application which captures some points
of the body (using sensors) in real world and draw them on the screen
in form of 3D primitives such as cubes, spheres, cilinders, etc.
In order to achieve that I'm using C# with XNA, the output are these
primities drawn on screen, which moves according to the position of
the sensors.
I've downloaded a library called DirectShowNet which basically is a
wrapper of DirectShow for .NET. There is a sample which comes along
which draws a bitmap over a video file. But this is too far from what
I want to get.

What I want to do, in order to mix realities, is capture video in real
time from a webcam and draw those primities over the video, that's why
I'm writting this post.
Could someone help me on that giving some coordinates so I can get any

Thanks in advance,


You can do what you describe using DirectShow and the VMR9 "custom
allocator presenter". You have a D3D scene, in which you can draw your
video as a texture on a surface, and you can add anything D3D you
want. Look at the VRM9Allocator sample in DirectShowNet.