Re: DirectX for C# SDK

"Armin Zingler" wrote:

"Alex Maghen" <AlexMaghen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb
Hi. More than a year ago, and in an earlier version of VS, I
installed the DirectX SDK to use in a Windows Forms C# app. I just
tried to open that old project on a new (Vista now) computer running
VS 2008. I opened the project and it said that the
"Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback" reference was missing. So I
went to MSDN and downloaded and installed the "dx9sdk.exe" DirectX9
SDK with the C# stuff - or so I thought. For some reason, after I
did that, the reference still could not be found. Am I doing
something wrong?

Is the DLL available in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\DirectX for Managed
Code\1.0.2902.0 ? If not, (re)install DirectX. It's part of DirectX, not
of the SDK (which might contain DX redist; I don't remember).

If you create a new project and open the "add reference" dialog, do you
have some "Microsoft.DirectX*" assemblies available (on the ".NET" tab)?
I do have "Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoplayback" there. (BTW, MDX SDK
Feb 2007)

If you open the "DirectX control panel" (in Start menu -> DX SDK ->
Utilities), open the "managed" tab, do you have
"Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoplayback" there?