Re: Managed DirectX, C# and Visual Studio 2008

MDX 1.1 is a deprecated technology, and the samples are no longer shipped
with the current DirectX SDK. The SDK plans for March 2008 are to add native
projects for VS 2008.

MDX 1.1 assemblies do continue to work with the CLR 2.0 on VS 2003 .NET and
VS 2005. I assume they would continue to work on VS 2008, although I've not
tried testing it myself. The new 'Multi-target' feature of VS 2008 may allow
you to force it to .NET 2.0 to make it work if needed.

If you are using MDX 1.1 for games development, you should look at XNA Game
Studio. XNA Game Studio 2.0 Beta doesn't yet officially support VS 2008.

Chuck Walbourn
SDE, XNA Developer Connection

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