MDX in multiple forms.


Just starting with managed DirectX. I've followed an example from a
book which draws a triangle in the window. All is fine.

Now I wanted to try and incorporate this into my current project (just
for proof of concept). This project has a non DirectX form and I want
to choose a menu option to spawn a form that is using DirectX.
(project has many other non DirectXpop up forms so don't want
everything to be DirectX).

The problem is my form using DirectX isn't rendering. I can step
through its onpaint and everything appears fine, but the screen is
just rendered opaque.

If I drag the window off the edge of the screen and back, part of the
window is rendered (the bit that was still visible).

Initially, I thought, I may have to create a new thread for the form
to be created in, but I get similar results.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?