Mesh and AttributeTable

Hi Everyone,

I'm building up my own mesh in a tool which is working well until i want to
assign different textures to different parts of the mesh.

I can't find very much information on how to do this, although the sdk
documentation suggests that i should be setting up two AttributeRange
entries in the mesh AttributeTable. So i did this, I have setup two ranges,
one for a wall and another for a floor. The first 24 faces in the mesh
should be setup for the wall and the next 2 faces should be the floor.
However, when i come to render the mesh (using DrawSubset(i)), both my floor
and my wall are drawn with the same texture. I think this is because I
haven't managed to identify that the floor and wall are in different
subsets. When i use DrawSubset(0) i see both the floor and the walls being
rendered! So either i have setup my attributeranges incorrectly, or i'm
neglecting to do something else.

Has anyone got an example of building a mesh with more than one material?