Directx 9 audio

I have an application that sequences WAV files, it is written using VB .NET
2003. I am using the AudioVideoPlayback Audio class to play the WAV files
and it does pretty much everything I need in a very simple way. The only
issue I have is that some of the files need to loop seemlessly and using the
"Ending" event and resetting the current position seems to have a glitch or
a delay that causes a glitch in the sound played back. I have searched but
can not find any samples, other than the ones that do exactley what I am
doing, for avoiding this problem. I think the issue may be that the files
being looped are quite large (running around 3 minutes) and that this simple
looping technique is just not fast enough.

Please can someone advise if this approach can be made to work? If not is
there a good sample of streaming WAV files using managed code (

Many thanks,