Re: Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback in NET 2.0

Yeah it looks like I missed the button at the bottom of the page for Set
newsgroup password. In 4 hours or so I should be able to get access.

"ZMan" wrote:

I'm not sure where you are having problems, but if you log in to, click the 'newsgroups' link on the left and create a
password. Then follow the instructions on that page to create a newgroup
account in your news reader program. (there may be a slight delay when you
set the password before it works).

The MDA setting is per project - I don't know if MDX 1.1 will ever be
changed to fix the problem but if not you will only have to turn it back on
when you change your project to the MDX 2.0 assemblies.
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"flagrant99" <flagrant99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for the info. After filling out many useless surveys asking me to
the direct x beta and connect programs for which I am just trying to sign
to, I still do not have access to the beta news group server. maybe
I'll figure it out. I wish microsoft would make it easier to comminicate
them. Why don't they just make beta newgroups public. I was able to
the direct x beta without needing to go through all of this. Sorry just

Well anyway thanks for the info. I hope Microsoft gets there act together
with all of the SDKs out now it is getting very confusing how to go about
doing things with thier newer SDK's. And if they keep moving things around
is going to get more confusing. At least media/direct show wise.

Just take a look at all the media sdk's they have now at

it's making my head spin. They need an SDK to cover what SDK to use for

Thanks for the loaderlock link that fixed my problems with debugging :)
I Disabled the loader lock MDA, and it is past december so I guess I'll
to remember to turn it back on some day further in the future.

"ZMan" wrote:

I don't know if AudioVideoPlayback will be included in MDX 2.0? You
ask in the beta newsgroups However since
DirectSHow has been moved out of DirectX and into the platform SDK I

This mean that yes you will need to continue to reference the 1.1
alongside the 2.0. However the 1.1 assembly 'should' run just fine with
the 2.0 framework on the machine. I can't promise that the 1.1 assembly
won't somehow clash with the 2.0 MDX though... if it does you should also
raise that in the beta newsgroup.


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"flagrant99" <flagrant99@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a NET 1.1 winforms app that uses
I am in the process of updating the winforms app to NET 2.0.

I installed December 2005 direct SDK but cannot find
Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback as being supported in the new
Direct X assembly. Will this support be added to NET 2.0? If so where?

Am I supposed to reference Managed Direct X run time 1.1 from a NET
Framework 2.0 Forms app? Will this required both NET Framework 1.1. and
to be installed on client machine?

Also in debugger this seems to be causing LoaderLock exceptions alot. I
figured this might have something to do with Calling into 1.1 Managed
X from 2.0 WinForms?

Any Info appreciated.