Re: Missing Module- URGENT

the filters are very general they find the text anywhere in the event - so
the explorer ones are probably when explorer loads and runs physics

You should look for the NOT FOUNDs where the application is yours. Since
your application throws an exception and closes I imagine the last NOT FOUND
(or close to it) in the output will be the one. IF you see several NOT
FOUNDs in a row followed by a success - all on the same file but with
different paths then its probably searching for a file and it eventually
finds it. If you use the Media helper routines in the framework you will see
this a lot as it searches common paths for your media.

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"Reuben" <Reuben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Thanks for the idea about FileMon, but how do I interpret the information
> it
> gives me? It has several NOT FOUNDs for explorer.exe (this is with the
> filter, mind) and some more for Physics Simulation.exe:1108 (my
> application,
> though I'm not sure about the number). Would you mind explaining?