Re: How to start off? - all the managed
tutorials you will ever need.

If you want to learn managed DirectX then start with Managed DirectX
If you want more general game programmin in .Net with some 3d stuff towards
the end then try David Wellers book

If you want to do C++ and native DirectX, then try a different newsgroup or
ask on

Zman - News and information for Managed DirectX

"easily confused" <easily confused@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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> So starting off ive been trying to look for tutorials on how to make a
> basic
> 3d object such as a cube with either VB, C# ,or C++. Can you point out
> any
> tutorials or find something simple i can start out with ? Either that or a
> good beginner book i could purchase ? It would be greatly appreciated!!!