Re: E_OUTOFMEMORY / Keeping track of texture memory?

Nobody has any best practices, or clues as to why the memory would go down
so quick when its doing nothing but drawing?

"Lloyd" <lloydspamsodoff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I have a lottery style game I wrote in c# with managed directx 9 and I'm
>having problems with E_OUTOFMEMORY. Keeping an eye on
>Device.AvailableTextureMemory I can see that it does indeed slowly bleed
>memory but I have no idea why so I'm wondering what some "Best Practices"
>are for this.
> I'm guessing a large part of the problem is that I can't trust that number
> as most video cards use shared memory as well, also because of the garbage
> collector I can't necessarily trust it to be accurate for that time. I
> count the textures that I load / dispose for each game state and the
> numbers add up, and while the game is in play in either state no textures
> are loaded or disposed. However even just letting it stand there not
> doing anything the availabletexturememory does go down at a surprising
> rate. I tried just wrapping all my functions with debug output of the
> availabletexturememory but the start of every function always matches the
> end, and its between them that its gone.
> I'm sure that I'm just doing something lame somewhere but tracking this
> down through all my sprite classes is proving very difficult when I can't
> isolate where exactly I am losing this memory. Any pointers / tips?
> Thanks.
> Lloyd Christopher
> SLOW30