Re: flickering skybox (newb question)

Oooops, good catch. Phill is of course correct.

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"punkrock" <punkrock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Check your math, ZMan. 1000 / 50 = 20, not 200. And 50ms is usually more
> than
> enough to draw a frame (and do some AI, etc). Most games run ~30fps which
> is
> only 33ms per frame (aren't video cards great?), shared with AI, network
> code, and the rest of the system, of course.
> Now if we're talking about a simple low-framerate app that runs in
> windowed
> mode, isn't built around the tightest possible loop, and has to share the
> with a few web pages, a media player, five to ten games of Minesweeper,
> etc,
> then obviously playing nice and giving the rest of the system as much CPU
> as
> it can is more important than frame rates, in which case I totally agree
> with
> what you say about the Timer, it's a great way to go about doing this
> since
> it allows Windows to throttle your app at the message queue level, and in
> that case I wouldn't set the timer's resolution any lower than 100ms.
> Phill


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