Re: Rotation always relative to the world

Hi Phil - thanks for the reply.

Once I got the samples installed I couldn't figure out anything about
how to use ModelViewerCamera or ArcBall. I see that ArcBall has a
public static Quaternion QuaternionFromBallPoints(Vector3 from,
Vector3 to)
float dot = Vector3.Dot(from, to);
Vector3 part = Vector3.Cross(from, to);
return new Quaternion(part.X, part.Y, part.Z, dot);

But I really have no clue as to how to use these in my project. Also,
if I ever do figure out how to use them - do I just need to include a
reference to some sample DirectX library or can I get the full source
code for those two classes in isolation and use them directly?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions,