Re: Caps.MaxActiveLights = 0?

Try getting the latest driver for your video cards.

Whn you check a caps bit its really not actually checking any hardware, it
just asks the driver. If the driver developer doesn't answer correctly then
you get this and its way too common. I'm not sure I have heard of it for
MaxLights though - usually its the more esoteric caps bits.

Microsoft provides a spreadsheet with the 'real' caps that may help you

C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK (October
2005)\Samples\C++\Direct3D\ConfigSystem\cardcaps.* (where * is xls or pdf)

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"Gary Bond" <GaryB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi All,
> I too am a real newbie at DirectX, (but a working c#/ programmer ),
> and am having a bit of trouble understanding my 'on board' graphics
> device.
> When I enumerate the devices capabilities via the Caps object, it returns
> MaxActiveLights = 0.
> Does that mean that I really can't have any active lights in the scene? If
> so, how come when I comment the line
> if (caps.maxActiveLights == 0)
> return false
> out of the IsDeviceAcceptable function in, say, Tom Millers 'Blockers'
> program, in his Beginning 3D Game programming book, the whole program runs
> fine, as far as I can see. And the machine itself seems to run older games
> like 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' fine, (and I assume that game must
> make
> use of lights in the scenes).
> Anyhow, I hope I have described my confusion accurately. Any questions
> please do ask me, and I hope somebody can put me straight on this.
> many thanks in advance,
> Gary.