Re: DirectX filters in managed code

>"_DG" <_DG@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> But I'm still missing info or examples on how to host commercial
>> DirectX filters in Managed code. I suspect that this is different
>> from hosting built-in DMOs. Any info or links?

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 12:54:24 -0800, "ZMan" <zman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Daniel has something working, but no code yet. I suggest you contact him.

Thanks, Zman. I had seen Daniel's "Zest of C++" post here (though I
could not find where his code is posted).

However...I think Daniel's article was about *writing* filters, not
*hosting* them, right? (Unless I've missed something). I suspect
that hosting a plugin would be much easier than writing one. I do
need to use commercial plugins (like Waves, etc) rather than the DX
'built-in' DMO filters. Is there any reference for doing this?


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