Re: Any good newbie book out there?

I'm currently going through the book you mentioned - Managed DirectX 9 - ...
Kickstart". Yes, I find it to be a good book to learn the subject. However
be aware that the code in the book will NOT compile. For example, in the
very first portion of the book there is this line of code (chapt 1, page

verts[0].SetPosition( new Vector4(this.Width / 2.0f, 50.0f, 0.5f, 1.9f));

This will not compile in C##, there is no SetPosition() method! However,
THIS line will:

verts[0].Position = new Vector4(this.Width / 2.0f, 50.0f, 0.5f, 1.9f);

But I had to figure this out myself by going into the C# GUI and getting
look-ahead to show me all the properties of a vertex, one of which was
Position. Later on in the book (a few pages later) the method 'Commit()' is
used (which also doesn't exist), for which 'Update()' is the correct one to
be used instead.

I'm told the book was written before all the syntax had been decided upon,
so this would explain (but not excuse, since it is suppose to be an
introductory book) these errors. I haven't tried the incuded disk source, so
I don't know if it reflects the book (which won't compile) or the corrected
code as it should be. I'm told this website has all the known errata for the
book listed, but I don't know where it is on the website:

Like I said, it has taught me a lot, but only because I've figured out how
to correct the incorrect source they list (which is interesting since I
program in C++, not C#, so I'm not always sure if its such things as the
method names or the syntax that's wrong).

Good luck! : )


"root" <root@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On 2005-08-02, Jesper <Jesper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It's my impression that there are a lot of less good book on manages
>> directx
>> (preferable in C#) out there.
>> Anyone who has good experience with a title on directx 3d in c#?
>> ..or a book that does a good work in covering the basic concepts
>> (unmanged)
>> regards
>> jesper.
> I got the book Managed DirectX 9 - Graphics and Game Programming :
> Kick Start
> It is THE book to get, since author Tom Miller is the main person
> behind Managed DirectX itself. There are many introductory
> standard DirectX 9.0 books out there too (C++) but they are harder.
> Start with Managed DirectX first!
> Tore Aurstad
> Norway
> (Ms.Tech. NTNU, Visualization)


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