shader/dx debugger not starting

The folowing is done with vs2003 c#

After installing the dx 2005 june sdk, I have the menu option "start with
directx debugging"
When i load an sdk sample like basichlsl, uncomment the debug_vs and
debug_ps and hit the debug menu item, the project is built with no errors
and then nothing. The project does not start.

If i just run it as usual with f5, then it starts fine.
If i alter the code in the fx file and start the project then i can see my
new effect running as expected.
If i hit "start without debugging" and then attatch the debugger, it
conplains about the shader not having any debug info and again it doesnt let
me debug.

The folowing is done with vs2003 c++
With c++ the "start with directx debugging" does build AND start the
project, It still complains about missing debug information and informs me
that breakpoints will not work.

I have selected to use the debug version of dx and have enabled shader

I am interested in getting this to work with c#. I would like to have it
working with vs2005 as well, but aparently I can not select the visual
studio integration from the sdk setup if vs2005 is installed instead of

I have now been installing, removing, loaded clean system image, tried some
other combination of installation for the last two days and right now I am
not quite as happy as I would like to be. Getting this to work with c#
vs2003 is ok, but why on earth cant this integration be installed for vs2005
as well? ...and why will the debugger not start right under vs2003?

ANY hints would be greatly appresiated.