Re: Getting started with EmptyProject

Why do you need to turn it off? Turning the lights off has the same effect?
Set an all black 0,0,0,0 texture and you will have the same effect as you
are seeing now.

Yes reflective is not simple - you in effect create the reflections as
textures and wrap them as you describe. If you want an all around reflection
look for environment mapping demos.

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"Phil Martin" <phil.r.martin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> OK, I've done some more experimenting, and I've found that by creating
> and setting a material, I can get my array of blocks lit as I expect.
> I discovered this when I added a ball to the scene which is a sphere
> mesh with no texture mapping.
> My questions now are:
> 1) Is there any way to unset the material? I don't need to do this
> yet, but I was a bit surprised that you can't assign "device.Material =
> null".
> 2) What's involved in making a reflective material? Can this be done
> with the right manipulation of properties, or do I have to do something
> funky like render the scene into an off-screen buffer and then wrap it
> onto the reflective object? I was very impressed with the HDRCubeMap
> and HDRFormats demos. Poking around, I see that this hinges on the use
> of effects and the fx file. Presumably this is a very powerful
> mechanism that lets one do all kinds of cool stuff. I'm starting to
> dig into this now, but if anyone has good pointers for a helpful
> tutorial, I'd be very appreciative.
> Thanks again,
> Phil.