Raise framerate

From: Marko Bencun (ichwill_MBencun_at_web.de_keinspam)
Date: 12/22/04

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    Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 23:02:34 +0100


    I'm looking for ways to increase my frameright, because it gets quiet low
    when I add more big objects.
    What can I do to exclude vertices from getting rendered? I heard of BSP, but
    i didn't find any good tutorials.
    Does anyone know tutorials about this topic (and especially about BSP) or
    can anyone give me few tips?

    Other question: I want to have a vertices-array as argument for a function.
    But I don't want to define it specifically for one type of vertice
    (PositionColored, ...) but for all in general. How do I do that without
    defining it as object and then accessing the attributes via late-binding?

    Best regards, marko

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