Re: force dx8 loading

From: maceda (
Date: 12/15/04

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:53:03 -0800

DX9 don't degrade games made w/ DX8. my video card is slow with DX9 so i
wan't to force the games to run w/DX8 instead of DX9 to have more FPS!!!!
> Well, switching DX is up to the game to provide, but if a game was
> created w/ the DX8 SDK, then it will use DX8. The game can't take
> advantage of DX9, if the game doesn't know about it. Now, if your video
> card manufacturer latest driver upgrade happens to degrade your
> performance, that's a different matter, but DX9 shouldn't degrade games
> made w/ DX8.
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