Re: force dx8 loading

From: Minh Truong (
Date: 12/14/04

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 22:43:38 -0500

maceda wrote:
> supouse i wan't to load need for speed underground 2 using DX8 instead of
> DX9, how can i do???
> because mi GPU is very slow with DX9 i notice this in Half life 2 it's about
> a 50% slower with dx9. But half life 2 have a option to downgrade the DX.
> and NFSU2 don't
> how can i make it use DX8?????
> Thanks

Well, switching DX is up to the game to provide, but if a game was
created w/ the DX8 SDK, then it will use DX8. The game can't take
advantage of DX9, if the game doesn't know about it. Now, if your video
card manufacturer latest driver upgrade happens to degrade your
performance, that's a different matter, but DX9 shouldn't degrade games
made w/ DX8.