C# DirectX 9 How to Fade Images (jpgs)

From: ilya (ilya.lovell_at_gmail.com)
Date: 12/14/04

Date: 13 Dec 2004 17:18:47 -0800

Hi there...

I'm a C# developer now trying to learn a little managed directX. I
really am a flourishing wealth of ignorance in this sphere of
knowledge, and in need of some serious help (a little spoon fed if u
will haha)...

What I am trying to do is basically a slideshow of photos using
Direct3D, to change at a set interval. I need the photos to fade
smoothly into eachother after displaying for a set time. I don't even
know how to display a jpeg in Direct3D (textures, sprites,devices,
surfaces...etc, a little unsure at the mo)

I am hoping eventually to have multiple threads of this process
running on different devices (multi-head graphics card), so more than
one photo can be changing (fading) at a particular point in time. I
assume this could be quite resource intensive, but if each device is
created for each head on the graphics card, should the GPU be able to
manage it? I really want to avoid consuming the CPU if I can.

I'm hoping this is not too complex, sounds simple in theory haha.
Is it possible for someone to help me with some sample code for this
concept in C#?

I have looked a fair bit around google, but haven't had much luck
finding/understanding much of what is out there in this area.

Thanks sooo much in advance for anyone who can help me on this...

seding blissful thoughts, inner contentment and warmth your way...