Creating textures in AGP memory!

From: Bunnz (
Date: 12/13/04

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 17:53:04 +0100


I played a little bit around with Pool.Default textures. I tested my
application with the NVPerfHud and it seems like the textures are
allocated just in video memory and not in agp - if the video memory is
full, the OutOfVideoMemory exception is thrown. The agp memory usage just
reaches about 2 mb (maybe the vertex or indexbuffer) while the video
memory usage climbs to 64 Mb.

Also creating the Texture with the Usage.Dynamic flag didn't change the
situation. By the way the LastError property of the DirectXException class
returns the value 230 when using DirectXExceptions.IgnoreExceptions().
Seems like a bug to me.

So I wonder if there is a way to use AGP memory without using Pool.Managed?

Have fun,

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